Things to do in Dubai!

Returning to Dubai, you should be in the city by 11 am – maybe even a little earlier. In that case I will leave some options for you to decide – as it is available to you on that last day.

Mall of The Emirates:

The Mall of The Emirates is a very famous mall in Dubai and, I confess, my favorite. Despite being smaller than the Dubai Mall, I think the Mall of The Emirates is prettier and more pleasant to walk around and do some shopping.

Tip: Mall of The Emirates is home to the largest indoor skating rink in the world. Even if you’re not going to access the track, it’s worth stopping by to take a look.
Your lunch that day can be there at the Mall of The Emirates – there are several very good restaurants, including Din Tai Fung which is my favorite in Asia.

After visiting the Mall of The Emirates you can take the metro and head to Dubai Mall, your last stop of the day. This time, not just to see the Burj Khalifa, but to visit the highest viewpoint in the world.

Dubai Mall: At The Top – Burj Khalifa:

I didn’t put At The Top on the first day of the trip because the ideal, in my opinion, is that you go up while it’s still daylight – which would be very busy on the first day of the trip.

Despite the sunset time being the most famous at At The Top, I find the movement of people uncontrolled. It gets very crowded and it’s even a little difficult to enjoy the view and take pictures of the city.

The best tip is to arrive early, climb and enjoy it calmly. If you’re up for it, it’s worth waiting for dusk up there – so you’ll have both the view during the day and at night, with the lights illuminating the city.

And so you close your 3-day Trip in Dubai in a way that, in my opinion, will have taken advantage of all the best that the city has to offer.

2 days in Dubai and the third alternative day

As I mentioned at the beginning, you can adjust your Trip for 2 days in Dubai and a third day more alternative. I will comment a little on these options:

Day to visit Expo Dubai 2022

If you make the trip while Expo Dubai 2020 is still going on, I highly recommend that you take a full day out of your schedule to dedicate the exhibition. I made this visit is a really sensational experience.

Tip: if you arrived in Dubai flying Emirates, you can access the airline’s website to get free tickets to visit Expo 2020. It’s totally worth it!

Day for a day trip to Abu Dhabi

Visiting the Abu Dhabi Mosque was a dream I had and I was able to fulfill it on my last trip. As I had to do the round trip in one day and I was alone, the best alternative I found was the guided tour.

I purchased the tour directly on GetYourGuide and found the tour great. The guide explained every detail, greatly enriching the tour experience. In one day I managed to visit, in addition to the Mosque, the Presidential Palace and the Emirates Palace, which is the most famous hotel in the United Arab Emirates.

You can close your tour directly on this link, the same as I did, and, in addition to having a great experience, you will contribute to the blog – without spending anything extra for it.

Day to enjoy Dubai with children:

If you are traveling with children, how about taking advantage of a day of the trip to enjoy one of the most famous water parks in the world? Of course, this is not an exclusive tour for children – I myself included this attraction on my first trip to Dubai and I loved spending the day there.

Aquaventure Waterpark is adjacent to Atlantis on the Palm Jumeirah. The park is incredible and has exclusive pools for the little ones, as well as more radical options for those who enjoy adventure – it will be a day of guaranteed fun.

Tip: it is even possible to start the day with a balloon ride, as I suggested on the third day of the Trip, and head to Aquaventure to spend the day there. In that case, you’ll probably arrive later to go up to At The Top – since it wouldn’t be worth leaving before the water park.

Mercure Dubai Barsha:

The Mercure Dubai Barsha was another find in Dubai and where I have one of my best stays in the city. In addition to getting a super special price through, I even got a free room upgrade when I arrived – wonderful!

The hotel is attached to the Internet City station, so it’s very easy to get out of it to go anywhere in the city. The higher rooms have an incredible view, not to mention that you have a great cafeteria inside the hotel and even a mini market – which saved me on the trip! I highly recommend!

I need to highlight, as I always comment, my recommendation for you to book your stay on In addition to being one of the safest and most recommended reservation systems in the world, you guarantee your reservation safely and even help the blog – without spending anything extra on it. Things to do in Dubai

Dubai map for this tour:

To make it even easier to organize the trip, I prepared a map with all the points of this Trip. This way you can visualize the city and better understand how the attractions are distributed each day. See the map:

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