8 destinations to travel back in time

Transport yourself in a time capsule to the past and the future
More than a new place and a new culture, some destinations allow tourists to experience a true journey through time. From futuristic metropolises to old abandoned villages, these locations offer travelers the opportunity to experience the past or the future; and allow especially interesting itineraries.

Check out 8 destinations selected for those who, more than traveling in space, also want to travel in time.

Tokyo, Japan:

The list of destinations to travel back in time begins in the largest metropolis in the world. Large and populous, Tokyo is nestled between mountains and Tokyo Bay – and is, today, one of the most futuristic places in the world.

Neon lights + state-of-the-art technology + countless skyscrapers + modern bullet trains + virtual reality experiences + a modern restaurant with robots are just a few experiences that transport those who visit Tokyo to the future.

And to get to know the city, one of the numerous accommodation options is The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, which offers comfort + hospitality with modern architecture and large spaces for local standards. In addition, at the hotel, travelers can enjoy beautiful views of the city – while working out in the gym or relaxing in the hot tub.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Amidst the landscape taken by modern skyscrapers, Dubai is home to engineering marvels such as the incredible artificial archipelagos. When visiting the destination, the traveler will feel that he has traveled to the future by relaxing on the sands of the beach or exploring the souks, typically local markets that sell everything from jewelry to good food and spices.

Plus, Dubai Mall’s dancing water show will make travelers forget they’re in a desert. Not to mention the unusual attractions, which range from camel races and hot air balloon flights to car rides over the dunes with lots of adrenaline.

In terms of accommodation, the destination offers award-winning hotels in abundance. One of them is the famous Burj Al Arab, located on its own island and with luxurious suites overlooking the Persian Gulf.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong:

Intense and populous, Hong Kong is also the city with the most skyscrapers in the world. Located in southeastern China, the autonomous region is full of neon lights, and stands out for its high technology – which gives the tourist the feeling of having traveled to the future.

Feng Shui + technology in the architecture make the city’s scenery unique, which can be enjoyed from the view of hotels such as the ICON Hotel, from which you can see the harbor, in the district of east Kowloon. In addition, the hotel’s modern rooms have dark colors and pleasant lighting, which create a cozy atmosphere.


Small and attractive, Singapore has exquisite attractions that represent the best of Asia. The destination is home to different cultures and cuisines, amid attractions and spaces that exude technology. Click here for Student Visa.

One such location is the Grove, a giant grove with tree-like structures that absorb heat, provide shade, collect rainwater and generate solar energy. Furthermore, through efficient public transport, exploring every corner of the city becomes an easy task.

In terms of accommodation, one of the highlights is the Hotel Jen Singapore. Located in the commercial district on Orchard Road, the modern hotel is connected to Mall, and has 2 robots among its staff. Jeno and Jena, as they are called, help with room service, and are nearly 1 meter tall each. They can use the elevators and, thanks to their sensors, are able to dodge any obstacle in their path.

Tombstone, Arizona, USA:

Visiting the Wild West is possible in the city of Tombstone, in the United States. The place seems to have stopped in time, or even to have come straight out of an American western classic.

Check out the many taverns, and stroll down East Allen Street to find some of the city’s top attractions – such as the Bird Cage Theater and the O.K. Corral, scene of one of the most famous gunfights between cowboys and lawmen in the history of the American Wild West. Take a trip to the silver mine, which will allow you to walk through narrow and ancient passages.

Hosting options abound. One of them is the Tombstone Monument Guest Ranch, a rustic accommodation 10 minutes’ drive from the historic center and offering comfortable, themed rooms with decor inspired by the Wild West.

One of the highlights is the typical cuisine, served in a 3-course meal, which includes meatloaf + chicken dishes + ribs + salmon at the nearby restaurant.


Located in the province of North Holland, charming is a charming harbor town. Amidst beautiful houses and canals, the destination is home. An open-air museum with a village that has stopped in time.

On site, more than a hundred shops and authentic houses depict the history of the region. Travelers will be able to feel what the Netherlands was like in the past, explore the picturesque streets and discover ancient workshops.

The tip is to stay in hotels that are close to the city center, such as Hotel. Enjoy exploring the surroundings on foot.


The Citadel is not a UNESCO World Heritage Site by chance. One of the most beautiful medieval cities in Europe, the destination brings together colorful historic houses + old churches + cobbled streets + beautiful towers.

Travelers will feel like they are on a true journey into the past; especially when visiting the 14th century Clock Tower, which houses a historical museum and a balcony from which you can enjoy stunning views.

As for accommodation, look for places close to the medieval city. It has traditionally Transylvanian Saxon decor and architecture; and themed suites with rustic wooden ceilings + restored traditional furniture + brick walls + wooden floors.

Folk Village, South Korea:

Travel to the past and experience South Korean traditions. This is the opportunity offered by the historic Hahoe Folk Village, a characteristic village that houses houses that preserve the old architectural style – some of them open to the public for visitation.

For a complete experience, be sure to try the typical cuisine of the destination in one of the traditional restaurants. Another tip is to stay in a traditional accommodation; as is the case, which also offers a traditionally Asian breakfast so that tourists can immerse themselves in the local culture.



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